This is a 15 minute talk with one piece of live music concluding at the end. Matt will talk about the Conservation issues that face our planet, including human population increase, global climate change, poaching, and the human wildlife conflict in the UK, Sri Lanka, and Africa. This talk has become increasingly popular with schools, and Matt has the opinion that one of the most valuable methods in Conservation, is awareness through education. The more people know about the earth's problems, including the younger generation, the better! The young generation are not just the future for Conservation, but the present.

Growing up in the background of music and theatre, I am an experienced speaker and always love to give public talks. My talks are flexible in their timing and content and can be very easily suited for your needs. Each talk (depending on the venue) is accompanied with my own live music too. I have recently been giving talks in the UK, Africa, and the West Indies to Schools, Camera clubs, Small Theatres and Safari Camps.



'The theatre was filled with "ooohhs" and "aahhs", and what a delightful talk Matt gave us. He gave us such a fascinating introduction into the weird and wonderful life he leads!'

"Matt took to the stage with such character, and we seriously loved his animal impressions! Had us in fits of laughter! So well spoken, stunning and powerful images, also giving us a emotionally shocking insight into the Conservation issues of these amazing areas. Very beautiful music, and a thoroughly entertaining evening! We want him back!!"

"At just 20 years old, Matt is an impressive example of someone driven and committed to a cause that he believes passionately about, and we look forward to welcoming him back to speak to us this Christmas."


If you wish to book me for a talk, then please contact me direct via: