I am a 22 year old Wildlife Photographer, Filmmaker and Music Composer.







With a passion for the natural world and adventures, I always dream of following the example of key inspiring figures such as Sir David Attenborough, Jonathan and Angie Scott, Simon King and Steve Backshall.

I first started pursuing wildlife photography when I was 16, having originally grown up in a very musical background, with both my parents being professional musicians and fundraisers. So wildlife for me, was then just a hobby, having spent all of my childhood in the music industry and I always wanted music to have a role in my life in some form. 

Aged 9-13, I had an extremely lucky break, where I successfully auditioned to be a chorister with the world-famous New College Choir, singing concerts and touring the globe, and grasping the professional "life of a musician" from a very young age.

A Time of Change

Everything then changed very dramatically and quickly for me, at a pace I could never have anticipated, when my mother passed away from cancer in 2012. That day was not just a deeply saddening one for myself and my family, but for me, along with the loss, I also had a sudden sense of motivation and positivity, and I decided I was going to do whatever it takes to try and forge a career in the wildlife and media industry.

I also developed a great friendship with award-winning wildlife photographers and presenters, Jonathan and Angela Scott, after having met them at Canon Pro Solutions in October 2011 at London. Subsequently, I invited Jonathan to come to my school to speak in September 2012, and ever since then, Jonathan and Angie have been good friends, very supportive mentors and I am endlessly grateful for the huge support that they have so generously given to me, and my family.


I have just graduated from Falmouth University with a BA Honors Degree in Marine and Natural History Photography, and am now working as a semi-professional wildlife photographer, filmmaker and composer.

With an upbringing surrounded by theatre, I am also an experienced speaker on stage, and I currently hold talks to schools and travel clubs.

Please contact me direct at matt@mattclarkewildlife.co.uk - if you request a CV.